Dublin Airport DUB+ 2017 Busiest Ever Year In Irish Airspace - IAA

2017 Busiest Ever Year In Irish Airspace – IAA

Dublin Airport DUB+ 2017 Busiest Ever Year In Irish Airspace - IAA

The Irish Aviation Authority has said 2017 will be the busiest ever year in Irish airspace.

With a little over a fortnight to go, the IAA says it will have safely and effectively managed over 1.15 million flights by year end – some 3% more than in 2016.

According to the IAA Chief Executive Designate Peter Kearney “Air traffic has expanded again this year on top of the 8% expansion last year, driven by very strong lifts at both Dublin Airport and through Irish airspace on flights between Europe and North America”.

“Dublin Airport handles about 85% of all flights in and out of Ireland and we are projecting an increase of about 4% for the full year 2017 to around 215,000 commercial movements. We’ve started work on the construction of a new Visual Control Tower at Dublin Airport so that the IAA is ready to support the ATC operational requirements for the new parallel runway in the years ahead.”

“Both Cork and Dublin are expected to handle a similar number of aircraft movements to last year – both around 20,000 commercial movements – and they’ve both expanded their route networks in 2017.”

He further added: “Traffic between Europe and North America is continuing to expand and we expect it to be around 5% this year. It’s a strong indicate of the level of economic demand between Europe and the USA.”

14 December 2017