Dublin Airport DUB+ Over 00 movements a day in January

Over 500 flight movements a day at Dublin Airport in January

Dublin Airport DUB+ Over 00 movements a day in January

According to monthly figures from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), international arrivals and departures at Dublin Airport increased significantly for the month January.

Dublin Airport’s commercial terminal flights were up 6% with an average of 518 daily movements. Cork Airport saw a 5.2% rise with an average of 44 commercial daily movements.

The IAA said flight movements also increased at Shannon Airport which had an average of 42 commercial daily movements, an increase of 0.8%.

Chief Executive Designate Peter Kearney commented on the January figures saying “These are positive figures for the three State airports for the first month of 2018. The IAA continues to invest in a state-of-the-art air traffic management system and in the development of our staff, to deliver a world class service to our airlines customers.”

According to the IAA, it handled a total of 77,473 flight movements in Irish airspace during the month of January. These included 34,082 North Atlantic Communications flights and 22,542 overflights.

12th February 2018