Best ever January-October period for Irish tourism

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Today’s figures from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) confirm that this was the best ever January to October period for overseas visitors to Ireland, with almost 8.3 million arrivals recorded. It was also the best ever month of October, with more than 830,000 arrivals.

·         Overseas arrivals are up almost +12%, to almost 8.3 million, between January and October 2016 – an extra 858,000 visitors.

·         Great Britain: over 3.3 million arrivals were recorded from GB, our largest market, representing growth of almost +12% – that’s 353,400 extra British visitors compared with the first ten months of 2015.

·         North America: it’s been another stellar performance from the United States and Canada, with almost 1.6 million arrivals (+18%) – about 241,200 extra American and Canadian visitors. Ireland now welcomes 10% of all American visitors to Europe – particularly noteworthy given the intense competition from other destinations.

·         Mainland Europe: we welcomed 2.9 million arrivals from Mainland Europe (up +10% or 257,100 extra arrivals) – with markets like Spain, France, Germany and Benelux all recording good growth.

·         Australia and Developing Markets (ADM): arrivals from Australia and developing markets are up +1.4% or 6,400 additional visitors.

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