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Jon Woolf

Senior Vice President Aviation Business Development

I lead international aviation business development. Ensuring a lasting and successful business plan with our customers is my primary goal. I ensure the resources and assets of Dublin Airport are aligned for customer satisfaction and a mutual win-win.

Cormac O’Connell

General Manager Customer Relationships

I lead customer relationships for optimal product delivery and development. I have been part of the team growing aviation business at Dublin Airport – through all cycles including the most challenging periods of growth.

John Hurley

Head of B2B and Partner Marketing

I add value with marketing resources for revenue and product development. Measurement matters and understanding the passenger behaviours and attitudes keeps them  front and centre for us – a value I have applied in earlier careers in airline, entertainment and technology sectors.

Stephen O’Reilly

Airline Business Development Manager

Over the last seven years I have worked with existing and new airlines in aviation business development getting to better know their changing needs as they grow operations at Dublin. My focus is the North America market and Western Europe.

Brian Gallagher

Airline Business Development Manager

As part of the team I have responsibility for enhancing Dublin Airport’s route network by developing and maintaining relationships with new and prospective airline customers. I have worked as part of the Dublin Airport team for 4 years. Prior to this role, I worked as a customer insights analyst and passenger traffic forecaster.

Lorraine Costello

Senior B2B Marketing Executive

I’ve worked in Marketing in Ireland and the U.S. and I have been part of the team at Dublin Airport for five years. My job is to make sure our partners are listened to and I add value to their business. I work hard to develop partnerships that matter.