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Irish Outbound Trips Increase By 6.9%

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According to new Central Statistics Office figures Irish residents made 8.17 million trips out of the country last year, of which almost 5 million were holidays.

Around 1.7 million outbound travellers were visiting friends or relatives, while 753,000 were travelling for business purposes.

Overall the number of outbound trips was 6.9% higher than in 2016.

Almost 2.6 million trips were made to the United Kingdom, while 1.1 million were to other European countries.

Some 558,000 trips were made to the USA or Canada, with 221,000 trips to Asian countries.

Overall Irish residents spent almost €6.9 billion on outbound trips during the year – up 5.4% on the 2016 figure.

A total of 9.6 million domestic trips was recorded during 2017, a rise of 2%.

Half of these were classified as holidays, with a one-third being to visit friends or relatives.

Spending on domestic trips came to almost €1.9 billion. Almost two-thirds of that was accounted for by holidays.

6th April 2018