US Preclearance

US Preclearance at Dublin Airport

U.S. Preclearance

The United States Preclearance facility at Dublin Airport is a purpose built facility that allows U.S. bound passengers to undertake all immigration, customs and agriculture inspections at Dublin prior to departure.

Dublin Airport is the only EU capital with this unique and valued service to departing and connecting passengers.

Having cleared immigration and customs at Dublin, passengers are welcomed as domestic arrivals in the U.S. In summary, they arrive before they depart.

There are a number of key benefits associated with using U.S. Preclearance at Dublin:

  • Allows the departing passenger to clear immigration and customs at Dublin before departure reducing the arrival processing time in the U.S. and speeds them on their way.
  • Airlines can offer passengers easily accessible connections as their baggage is checked through to their final destination. This reduces the minimum connection time by effectively offering a domestic-to-domestic connection.
  • All airlines flying to the U.S. can now into less congested and less expensive domestic terminals on arrival at U.S. gateway airports.