What we do

Getting started at Dublin Airport

To get your new route started at Dublin Airport we make introductions around the basics such as ground handlers, fuel and catering operators and getting your advertising in the airport ready to go.

Looking after your crew at attractive hotel locations and rates plus their speedy transfer is something we are happy to help with also. We want them to enjoy the best of Dublin. Banking relationships can be shared if necessary. Most importantly, our operations team step in to get your product right and the business model work on the ground.

To add value our Dublin Airport travel services can enhance your product for your customer, such as offering lounge access or security fast track.

We have a ready to go partner programme that is a who’s who for a successful launch at Dublin from government agencies and embassies to tourism Ireland the travel trade, sales agents and leading business agencies-all at the highest level.

Marketing activity and campaigns for the Irish market in all media channels is something we can help with both financially and with our insights and expertise.

We love a celebration at Dublin Airport – we do memorable inaugural flights both at the airport and in the city to kick off uniting your markets and customers together.

Working together and delivering results

We keep close to you with business reporting that examines route performance and load factors in real-time.

Your customer profile is unique, so we will monitor the profile and behaviours and share it with you quarterly directly from our customer research – the biggest research programme in the nation.

Connectivity to markets is what we love to work on, if that means unlocking new segments to target with a custom product or campaign or a focus on price competitiveness to long haul destinations.